Paraza Pharma Publications

Paraza has recently published some useful abstracts in the Heterocycles portion of SYNFACTS (Thieme Chemistry). This is an ongoing collaboration with Dr. Mark Reed at the Krembil Research Institute in Toronto to highlight useful methodologies in the recent literature for constructing pharmacologically relevant architectures.

Mark A. Reed, Andrew Burnie, Synfacts 2022; 18(07): 0726 – Gold-Catalyzed Asymmetric Annulations of Enynone Derivatives and Nitrones Generated In Situ (HTTPS://WWW.THIEME-CONNECT.COM/PRODUCTS/EJOURNALS/ABSTRACT/10.1055/S-0041-1738219 )

Mark A. Reed, Nikhil D. Patil, Synfacts 2022; 18(07): 0727 – TEMPO Salt Mediated Oxidative Ugi–Azide Approach to Direct Functionalization of N-Heterocycles (HTTPS://WWW.THIEME-CONNECT.COM/PRODUCTS/EJOURNALS/ABSTRACT/10.1055/S-0041-1738220)

Mark A. Reed, Nick Michel, Synfacts 2022; 18(07): 0733 – Construction of Silicon Heterocycles by Cobalt-Catalyzed Hydrosilylation of Enynes (HTTPS://WWW.THIEME-CONNECT.COM/PRODUCTS/EJOURNALS/ABSTRACT/10.1055/S-0041-1738221)