Our Science

Go beyond just data: innovate, collaborate, solve your programs hurdles

Paraza’s vision is to provide drug discovery expertise that is—intellectually and experimentally— an extension of client-partner teams. Our strength is science and the people who do it. The key to our success is our team of exceptionally well-trained and experienced drug discovery professionals that contribute to project goals in a timely manner. Paraza thrives on free and open communication with client-partners and is passionate about contributing to the discovery of truly innovative new medicines.

Paraza’s core capabilities and expertise


  • Establish PK/PD models
  • Cross-species PK
  • Scale-up, multi-gram to kilogram
  • Determine max tolerated dose

Target ID &

  • Validation using tool compounds or gene KO/KD
  • Protein generation (E. coli and mammalian cells)
  • Assay development

In-House Proprietary Library Screen

  • A novel, home-grown chemical library
  • Designed and developed by Paraza scientists
  • Truly unique 3D architecture and vectoring capacity
  • Favourable physiochemical property space


  • Improve potency & PK
  • Multi-parameter optimization
  • Mitigate off-target activity
  • In vivo efficacy


  • Scaffold/series evaluation
  • Minimum pharmacophore
  • Basic physical-chemical property analysis (ADME)
  • Viable SAR


  • HTS, fragment and virtual screening
  • Hit confirmation, counter-screening and triaging
  • (Re)-Synthesis


"I don’t think I can adequately express how grateful I am to have worked with you and your team over the past 1+ year… Having you and the team to talk with, bounce ideas off, and learn from has made all the difference… It is amazing how much data was generated in such a short period of time."

Our Resourcing Models

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)

  • Our FTE rates are built to be inclusive
  • Chemistry FTE includes most chemicals and routine analytical support (including chiral separations)
  • For Biology FTEs, project-specific materials are charged as a pass-through cost
  • No charges for project management oversight on projects

Fee For Service (FFS)

  • DMPK is based on the FFS model
  • This model can be the favored mode for some applications in Chemistry and Biology such as:
    • Specific compound synthesis or reaction/route optimization
    • Pharmacology studies
    • Well-defined biochemical or cell biology studies
    • High-throughput screening

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