Bioanalytical Solutions

Comprehensive bioanalytical services for drug discovery and development

Our dedicated and experienced team offers bioanalytical services on both a standalone basis and as part of a fully integrated program. We provide seamless support for various drug discovery or development programs by delivering reliable bioanalysis data within a quick turnaround time for either small or large molecules using our state-of-the-art equipment.


"You should all take a lot of pride in what you have built – a very impressive drug hunting machine!”

Bioanalysis of routine in vitro ADME assays with well-established bioanalytical procedures

  • Generic HPLC/UPLC methods with internal standards cocktail 
  • Well-established procedures for rapid optimization of mass spectrometric parameters
  • High throughput data processing and reporting for all routine in vitro assays

Bioanalysis of in vivo PK/PD samples from various tissues and biofluids

  • Robust LC-MS/MS quantification method development based on understanding of structural/physicochemical properties of test compounds
  • Method qualification includes accuracy, precision, linearity, sensitivity, selectivity, blank cleanliness and carryover evaluation
  • Sensitive LC-MS/MS methods allow the analysis of limited sample volume from microsampling or certain biofluids.

Metabolite profiling

  • Metabolite profiling and identification can be studied in in vitro microsomal, hepatocyte and plasma incubations, as well as in in vivo plasma or tissue samples
  • Metabolite profiling can be compared between different species (mouse, rat, dog, monkey, human, etc.)
  • A high-resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometer and corresponding metabolite analysis software will be used

Proteomics studies and protein characterizations

  • Targeted protein quantification including therapeutic biologics and biomarkers
  • Protein characterization including protein MW determination and identification of post-translational modifications
  • Proteomics studies such as isobaric tag-based quantitative proteomics analysis for drug target identification, or proteome-wide off-target protein mapping of a covalent inhibitor using the SILAC-ABPP method
  • HDX approach for observing conformational states of target protein in the presence of various ligands

Special Capabilities

  • Fit-for-purpose bioanalytical method development 
  • Small biomarker analysis, such as fatty acids, amino acids, nucleotides, glycan, and glycosphingolipids  
  • Compound derivatization for sensitive LC-MS/MS detection
  • PEGylated compound analysis
  • Isotope purity and residual solvent analysis


  • Triple quadrupole LC‐MS/MS systems 
  • High‐resolution Q‐Exactive LC‐MS/MS systems  
  • UHPLC-DAD system
  • Automated liquid handler (Beckman) for sample preparation
  • OMNI Bead Ruptor Elite tissue homogenizer

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