Chemical Development

Striving to tackle the most challenging targets

Our chemical development group is comprised of highly skilled and creative synthetic organic chemists with a proven track record of developing effective synthetic routes to access challenging molecules. We provide high-quality custom chemical synthesis services at competitive rates to meet our clients’ needs in a highly effective and collaborative manner.


"I would like to thank you again for two years of a great collaboration between our two teams. Your dedication, hard work and expertise were instrumental to the success of our program, and we only have fond memories of our interactions. You certainly contributed to our success, and we look forward to the compound moving forward."

Process development and scale-up

With our deep chemistry knowledge, we can rapidly streamline your program needs and help meet your objectives. Our process development approach ensures direct scale-up from medicinal chemistry routes to viable, scalable routes that are highly efficient and cost-effective for producing drug candidate molecules ready for the next profiling stage. Our approach can help optimize yields or impurity profiles with minimal steps and optimal API recovery.

Chemical synthesis and optimization

  • Production capacity from milligram to sub-kilogram scale
  • Optimization of a broad range of chemical transformations
  • Development and optimization of synthetic routes suitable for large-scale synthesis
  • Non-GLP process development in preparation for GMP campaigns
  • Optimization of isolation and purification procedures
  • State-of-the-art equipment for large-scale chemical synthesis

Collaborative approach and project delivery

  • Collaborative, team-based approach for rapid delivery of project goals
  • Technology transfer to CDMO
  • Important contributors to the process development of four clinical candidates

Analytical support and quality control

  • CMC analytical support
  • In process controls (IPC) / analytical method development for each step
  • Impurity identification and monitoring
  • Product structural identification / elucidation
  • Chiral purity analysis

Custom Synthesis

Our custom synthesis services provide tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a novel compound, a specialized intermediate, or a modified version of an existing molecule, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality products.

  • API synthesis to enable pharmacokinetics, in vivo efficacy / toxicology studies, and salt screening for early formulation development
  • Asymmetric synthesis
  • Route scouting
  • Natural product and analogues
  • Stable label isotope
  • Fluorescent dyes
  • Metabolite and impurity synthesis and elucidation
  • Advanced intermediates and building blocks
  • Electrochemical services
  • Enzyme mediated reactions

Peptide Synthesis

Our peptide synthesis group is ready to fulfill any of your project needs. From short linear peptides to complex macrocycles, our scientists deliver quality products within a short turnaround time, at a competitive price.

  • Solid phase and solution custom synthesis
  • Linear and macrocyclic peptides
  • Macrolactam, depsipeptide and disulfide bridge formation
  • On resin macrocyclization
  • Custom amino acids synthesis and incorporation
  • Accomplished synthesis from milligram to 100 gram scale

Parallel Synthesis

The Chemical Development group also offers parallel synthesis services that provide customers with high quality, focused libraries for lead optimization at competitive prices.

  • Tecan multi-experiment work stations
  • Parallel work up (biphasic and solid-phase extractions, solid support scavengers, and ion-exchange resins)

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