Analytical Chemistry

Analyze, isolate, separate –> high quality drug candidates start with high purity

Our expert analytical chemistry team is equipped to address the most challenging purification requests. From method development to preparative chromatographic separation, our highly trained specialists provide the necessary support to reach critical project milestones.

We offer both achiral and chiral compound separation by supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and liquid chromatography (LC), in both early-stage drug discovery and more advanced compound characterization. State-of-the-art equipment paired with over 100 years of combined experience allow us to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Our suite of open-access analytical ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) systems expedites reaction progress, accelerating the overall speed of synthesis for our medicinal chemistry and chemical development teams.


"When I met with you in San Francisco a few months ago, I told you that you guys were our CRO “A-team”; you have not disappointed us, delivering quality material amid our constant change of priorities, and extremely difficult requirements. Thank you, and I hope we can continue this success story for many years to come."

Highlighted Capabilities

Analysis services and instruments

  • Method development
  • Reaction monitoring
  • Characterization of reaction side-products
  • LC-UV

Preparative services and instruments

  • Chiral and achiral separation (milligram to gram scale)
  • Isolation of reaction side-products
  • Semi-Prep Normal Phase LC-UV-ELSD
  • Semi-Prep Reverse Phase LC-UV-MS
  • Semi-Prep SFC-UV-MS

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