In vitro ADME

A portfolio of in vitro assays to meet your needs

We offer a wide variety of in vitro assays covering early-stage drug discovery and more advanced compound profiling. Most of our assays are offered in either screening mode (suited for medium-high throughput) or profiling mode, in order to best fit your needs.


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  • Metabolic stability assessment
    • Microsomes (from liver, intestines, lungs) 
    • Hepatocytes
    • Cytosol and S9 fractions
    • Plasma 
    • Whole blood
    • Other active matrices 
  • Metabolite profiling
  • CYP450 Reaction Phenotyping

Drug-Drug Interaction

  • CYP inhibition (seven FDA-recommended isoforms available)
    • Reversible inhibition
    • Time Dependent Inhibition (TDI) in IC50 shift mode
  • CYP induction using cryopreserved hepatocytes from qualified donors
  • Nuclear receptor assays (PXR, others available on demand)
  • hERG (via our local collaborator)


  • Cell permeability assays
    • Caco-2 cells
    • MDCK
    • MDCK-mdr1 
  • Transporters (P-gp, mrp2, BCRP)
    • Substrate
    • Inhibition

Protein binding and plasma partitioning

  • Protein binding measurement by equilibrium dialysis (1 mL or HTD mode)
    • Plasma
    • LM
    • Tissue homogenates
  • Whole blood and red blood cell: plasma partitioning

Physicochemical Screening

  • Kinetic solubility at various pHs, including biorelevant buffers
  • Thermodynamic solubility under various conditions, including biorelevant buffers
  • LogD7.4
  • Chemical Stability

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