Medicinal Chemistry

Accelerate your drug discovery journey with our expert team

Our medicinal chemistry team possesses the tools, knowledge, and know-how to take on your program’s challenges and champion your next drug candidate.

With a wealth of experience spanning every stage of medicinal chemistry campaigns, including virtual screening, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, and back-up programs, we are the ultimate collaboration partner throughout your drug discovery journey.


"You have assembled a truly remarkable team who not only knows how to present science but also knows the science of drug discovery in depth."

From molecules to milestones, trust our team to lead the way​

Our scientists are experienced in addressing a vast array of medicinal chemistry issues and are trained to identify and deploy up-to-date strategies to mitigate them. 

Through fast and efficient execution of Design-Synthesize-Test-Analyze cycles and seamless teamwork we ensure that lead molecules can be converted into candidate compounds as efficiently as possible.

Multiparameter Optimization

  • SAR driven designs to optimize potency & selectivity
  • Integration of drug-like properties, DMPK and biological data in optimization
  • Off-target activity risks and mitigation strategies
  • IP protection / expansion

Versed in non-classical modalities

  • Inhaled delivery
  • Covalent inhibitors
  • Macrocycles
  • CNS
  • Protein degraders
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • Antibacterial agents

Complex Molecule Synthesis

  • High caliber synthesis teams
  • Strategic route-scouting conducive to SAR exploration and optimization
  • Modern synthesis capabilities
  • Purification services

Computer-Aided Drug Design

  • Assist and influence new compound design
  • Provide insights to aid project teams in design cycles
  • Fully-integrated computational chemist on FTE basis

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