Chemical Sciences

Our chemical science group comprises scientists with experience in Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Development, Computational Chemistry, Parallel Synthesis, Peptide Synthesis and Analytical Chemistry. We understand drug discovery and will work with you to design the custom collaboration necessary to advance your project.

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Our medicinal chemistry group combines innovative design with robust and creative SAR enabled synthetic strategies to drive and deliver on project goals. With the support of our chemical development, CADD, biology and DMPK groups, we can provide integrated drug discovery services from hit identification, hit to lead, lead optimization, and clinical candidate selection. Our expertise and customizable collaborations can help you design, define, execute, and meet your medicinal chemistry project goals.

Key Skills & Expertise:

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Chemical Sciences

Capabilities including Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Development, Drug Discovery Support (Computational, Parallel, Peptide and Analytical Chemistry).

Biological Sciences

Capabilities including Biochemistry, Cellular Biology and in vivo Pharmacology.


Wide variety of standard and tailored in vitro and in vivo assays covering early discovery stage as well as more advanced compound profiling.