Biological Sciences

Our biology group comprises scientists with experience in biochemistry, cell biology, and in vivo pharmacology, across multiple different disease areas. We understand drug discovery and will work with you to design and implement key assays for compound evaluation, and carry out additional mechanistic/validation experiments necessary to advance your project.

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Our biochemists have drug discovery experience in multiple disease areas (e.g. oncology, infectious disease, inflammation, immunity, cardiovascular) and multiple target classes including protease, helicases, polymerases, protein protein interactions.We will efficiently implement assays from kit protocols or literature, and will adapt existing procedures as appropriate for your project.

We will ensure that your assay is configured for optimal sensitivity to small molecule inhibitors (or activators). Depending on the stage of your project, this may require maximizing sensitivity to weak inhibitors, or reducing the “wall” for very potent compounds, targeting a specific mode of inhibition (e.g. non-competitive vs. competitive), or balanced conditions for sensitivity to multiple mechanisms.

Our biochemists will be an integral part of your drug discovery team, working closely with other biologists, structural and computational scientists, and medicinal chemists, whether located in Paraza, at your site, or other external providers to contribute our knowledge and quantitative biology perspective as well as reliable data for your project.

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Chemical Sciences

Capabilities including Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Development, Drug Discovery Support (Computational, Parallel, Peptide and Analytical Chemistry).

Biological Sciences

Capabilities including Biochemistry, Cellular Biology and in vivo Pharmacology.


Wide variety of standard and tailored in vitro and in vivo assays covering early discovery stage as well as more advanced compound profiling.