Chemical Sciences

Our chemical science group comprises scientists with experience in Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Development, Computational Chemistry, Parallel Synthesis, Peptide Synthesis and Analytical Chemistry. We understand drug discovery and will work with you to design the custom collaboration necessary to advance your project.

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Our chemical development group is composed of highly skilled and creative synthetic organic chemists with a proven track record of developing, improving, and enabling synthetic methodologies to challenging molecules. We provide high quality custom/contract or FTE chemistry services at competitive rates to match our customers’ needs including participating in collaborative R&D projects. We use state of the art synthetic chemistry methodologies and innovative design of synthetic routes to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency to meet project timelines.

Key Skills & Expertise



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Chemical Sciences

Capabilities including Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Development, Drug Discovery Support (Computational, Parallel, Peptide and Analytical Chemistry).

Biological Sciences

Capabilities including Biochemistry, Cellular Biology and in vivo Pharmacology.


Wide variety of standard and tailored in vitro and in vivo assays covering early discovery stage as well as more advanced compound profiling.